Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cross Country Travel

In the past week I made a quick trip to Newport, VT,  Do you have any idea where that is?  I didn't.  I flew through Detroit to Burlington VT, stayed overnight, and then drove 1:40 to the Canadian border, or nearly, to Newport.  I saw a flock of wild turkeys on the way, and lots of melting snow banks.  Dirty snow, late in March.  I remember this from my years in NH.  March is one of the worst months, with all the beauty of winter past and the joy of spring still weeks away.

My trip was made worse by the travel.  The flight from Detroit was delayed until after midnight.  I didn't get to Burlington (airport abbreviation BTV) until about 2:00.   I arrived at the hotel at 2:40.  Crashed, then up at 7:00 and off to the plant for a visit.  Driving back in the rain.  I did get to watch the March Madness games at an Irish bar until about 10:00 then I crashed again, to catch the 5:45 am flight back to Detroit.  Surprisingly, I totally crashed again on Saturday.  I slept for about 5 hours on the couch, just catching up.  I'm getting poorer at surviving the perils of sleep deprivation.

This week Judy and I drive to Vancouver BC for a weekend away.  That should be more survivable.  I hope.

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