Friday, July 8, 2011

Tour de France Update

I have to comment on the Tour de France this year. I watch this race every July, and I have loved to watch the play between the many teams, the interplay between the riders, and the strategies that are played out in all the 22+ stages played out over the entire month. Lance made a huge difference to me, and watching him was always a highlight.

This year things are different. Lance is gone and retired. Team Radio Shack is very different. I'm rooting for riders from Belgium and Norway. It is just different.

Today was quite terrible. It was a sunny day, and things seemed to be going well. Then, all of a sudden, a huge crash knocked out 80+ riders. Some were able to get back on their bikes and try and get back into the race, One in particular was knocked out, managed to get back up on his bike, and eventually finished 12.5 minutes after the rest (which is a long time in the TdF, I can tell you). This rider is Chris Horner, and he is a neat and special guy. At the finish line he didn't know where he was, was asking what happened, when did he crash, and questions like that. Very scary. He was taken to the hospital for tests, and I'm waiting to hear the results. I don't expect to see him in the race tomorrow.

Levi Leipheimer is another of my favorites, and while he was involved in the crash he seems to have survived in OK physical condition, although he lost time. He is a team mate of Chris', and they often rode together.

Team Radio Shack is not doing well this year. Each team is allowed 9 riders at the start, and they can't add replacements if people are not able to finish. Radio Shack is down to maybe 6 riders at this point, and they need 5 to be a viable team in the race. Fewer than 5 and they are disqualified. Of the 4 contenders they had at the start, 3 have been knocked out by crashes. This is not good.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 7 - Situation normal

People check my blog! Who knew? I'm getting feedback from my postings, and I love it. Thanks!

This week is an in-house week. I am working on a series of proposals and follow-up documents that relate to my work on biomass energy projects. The email has been brisk, and the phone calls are numerous. People are on vacation, but not everyone. I am getting in contact with folks, and they are calling me about this and that. Good times for a sales suy.

Next week will be an out-house week (literally!). I will be in south central Oregon Monday and Tuesday, Vancouver BC on Wednesday, and who knows on Thursday and Friday? The week is still young! Maybe Idaho and Spokane. I have a need to visit there, and with a couple of days to plan, maybe I can make something happen. Actually, I have a project in Powell River, BC, which is a short ferry ride from Vancouver, so if I have to be in Van on Wednesday it may make sense to travel to Powell River and visit there.... We'll see.

Beek and Will arrive on Thursday evening, so if I can I should be here then. They are attending and participating in a wedding over the weekend, and will not be around much for us, but Thursday night they will be here, and a bit on Saturday morning. Kids... They grow up just like their parents...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer! It found us!

Man, I've got to blog more. I am so behind on things that are going on. You all deserve better!

We made a pact in our house - no more complaining about the weather. Rain is a way of life. so, once we made this pact the clouds dispersed and the sun came out. It is WONDERFUL and we are all loving it. Warm. Sunny. Summer. yippee.

Saturday we visited John and Ginny in Moses Lake. I borrowed his bicycle last fall and I felt guilty still having it my garage when it could just as easily have been in his garage. Judy, Marilyn, and I all drove over, and we brought our friend David Oldham from Kentucky. He hadn't really seen the dry side of Washington, so we gave him a proper tour. Moses Lake was quite nice when we were there, and our visit back through Dry Falls was educational and very interesting. It seemed like a long day to me, but Marilyn was very interested in the history of my state, and the distribution of my relatives. We drive through Douglas, and Farmer, and Waterville. If you don't know, Waterville is named for the one thing that there is none of. Really.

The 4th was quiet around here. Did I say quiet? There were explosions all over, with the neighbors clearly enjoying the freedom to be crazy on the 4th! Judy was in her element - she loves fireworks and explosions. She was out on the deck watching them all. I went to bed early, and she enjoyed the display.

This week is so beautiful aroung here it is hard to stay working. The sun is out, and I feel like golfing/bicycling/kayaking. What to do? It is a hard decision.

I'm thinking about Idaho in August, and how much fun we will have just kicking back and enjoying the space there. Fro the 6th to the 14th or so, we will be in Kellogg, bicycling, visiting, golfing, and being. I can't wait.