Monday, January 14, 2013

My Saga Continues

For Christmas I bought Judy a Sony speaker that sits on the counter.  She can sit her iPad on it, or her new iPhone, and it plays stations like Pandora or specific radio stations that have apps for them.  She uses it all the time now, and it has replaced the temperamental and scratchy wireless system we have been using in the house for all these past years.  I consider this a major step forward.  It plays loud if you want it to, or quiet.  The quality is excellent, and the ambience it creates is wonderful.  The best thing is that the sound is exactly where you want it to be - in the kitchen.

Tonight I went to Costco and bought a pair of speakers that are the size of large eggs.  They pop up and sit there, making a tremendous sound absolutely belying their size.  They are amazing.  They have internal batteries that power them, and they plug into the iPad (not Bluetooth) but expand the sound and the sound quality in an unbelievable manner.  I'm listening to them now as I write this.  Yikes, this is cool.  Headphones are cool, but ambient sound is also cool.  I'm listening to Pandora and the songs are exactly what I like.   Technology is working for me tonight...